Imaginem ter em frente Papa Francisco.
O que gostariam de perguntar-lhe?
Ele vai vos dar as respostas em um livro que vai ser publicato nos prosimos meses.

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    jillian landers
    Dear Papa Franceso
    I am a teacher of Religious Education at an all girls Catholic College in Perth, Western Australia. At present my 17 Year old students are studying your life as an example of an inspirational person. They have a few questions they would like to ask you.
    The first is: Why are you against same-sex marriage while at the same time you do not condemn gay or lesbian people?
    The second question is: If you are so against the sex scandal/abuse by priests of children, why are you not sending Cardinal Pell back to Perth to face the Royal commission.
    We are praying for you and send God's blessings your way
    Jillian Landers and the Year 12 Religion class of 2017.
    Derek Mousessian
    This is not a very important question in the scope of world matters, but probably a question on many Christians' minds. I know the Pope is an avid soccer (football) fan so it should be easy for him to answer.
    I am from Pittsburgh, PA, America and we have recently won the Stanley Cup for hockey, and quite a few times I might add. While I am proud of my team and city, I have wondered how God or Jesus would feel watching us parade around a giant silver cup trophy. People wanting to touch it and kiss it, etc. I was taught growing up that we should only kiss blessed objects so I feel somewhat uncomfortable watching people kissing trophies. While the Stanley Cup is not worshipped as an idol or a pagan type symbol it seems to me God or Jesus would not feel too comfortable either. What is the Pope's thoughts on this?
    Debra Spies
    Your grace,
    I am sorry for this question, please forgive me.
    I am but a minute of a person but I am a loving and obedient catholic woman. Please forgive me and Jesus pardon and not give up on me. I am a woman who in loving Christian acts took a family in to help but the son was a serious killer of children I am so sorry please forgive me I did not know but had a question that something was so wrong. The girls that suffered, the parent that suffered and the ring I don't know will our Lord judge me. What do I do to pray forgiveness I say the most holy rosary I say the novias I feel the loss, and I feel hatred for what this person has done. Will our Lord Jesus for give me because I am having trouble forgive home?
    Tony Roy
    Reverend Pope,
    I was raised a catholic. Now I am attending an independent church.
    I would like to know why we get baptised as soon as we are born which is not what the bible tells. Why do we pray to Mary and the saints? Why do we have to confess our sins to a priest. Does the Bible support any of this?
    Juliana Carlini
    Dear Pope Francis,
    Thank you for all that you do. You are in my daily prayers. I am writing because right now I am struggling with the teaching that we cannot receive communion with our Protestant brethren. To share in communion with them and show our unity in Christ would be a great blessing and a great way to strengthen our relationship with them. I have a great desire that all Christians be united an am really struggling in this area. Please consider this issue and I hope to hear good news!
    God bless!
    Alt Lopez
    Dear Pope Francis,

    You have been a great instrument of God and I love listening to your words.

    I am a Roman Catholic and I am getting married next year. I know you like dogs and I just want to ask if it is allowed to include my dog as my wedding entourage, particularly my ring bearer? This dog is family to me and has helped me through hard times and I can't imagine not having him on my special day.

    It would really mean a lot to hear your opinion on this. Thank you.


    Jennifer Krafcik
    Will you be taking action against the people involved in the Archdiocese of Baltimore cover up? For example, Malooly's blatant lies and inaction make me embarrassed to be Catholic. He should be removed and criminally liable.
    Olivia Eckstein
    What is being done to aid in the investigation of the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the cover up of sexual abuse by Father Maskell in the 1960's and 1970's?
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