Imagine being in front of Pope Francis.
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He will answer in a book that will be published in the next months.

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    Keith Allen
    Hi im the new saint..6313941299.mary immaculate church bellport.I met Christ alive.i get.the happy Christ..medical miracle = peg interferon added Ribaviron Rockefeller institute Feb 14. 170,000,000. People alive. My name not on donation.but saints have never lost a battle. I am perfect for the outcast population. A middle.and sometime I levitate. Lets see the scientific world.explain that.we restore the holy sea.its all about love
    O O
    Lk 21,1-4
    Časť kázne zo sv. omše z kostola sv. Gorazda a spoločníkov Košice-Terasa 27.11.2017

    „Potrebujeme iným dávať samých seba-to je to,všetko čo máme....Otec pozoruje malého syna snažiaceho sa s vypätím všetkých síl posunúť ťažkú vázu na stole ale nedarí sa mu to a otec sa ho po čase spýta:vyskúšal si už všetko aby si to zvládol?A syn mu vraví:áno ocko, robím všetko čo môžem.A otec mu na to odpovedá:Nie,všetko si ešte nevyskúšal,ešte si ma nepožiadal aby som Ti pomohol.“
    O O
    Dobrý deň.

    Zo života osobného Boha:
    Aký je denný režim osobného Boha?
    o.i. ako stvorí každý deň na celej Zemi x duší a ako súdi každý deň x duší, ktoré opustili telo?

    Revolučný, zneužitý, utajený vynález:
    Otec František, všetky reálne zacielené obete prosia, nariaďte autorom pbb NWO, aby okamžite prestali a odtajnili techniku mind control s odtajnením zoznamu mien obetí.

    Pán Boh zaplať.
    Mitchell Haug
    Dear Pope Francis
    Are Catholic priests allowed to have dogs?
    Thanks you
    Brent Eastman
    Why do you not want to make the consecration of Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, even as President Vladimir Putin came to you to request in person for his own country? If the consecration has already been made, why is the world on the verge of World War III?
    Seraphim System
    Does the Catholic Church still consider the non-Chalcedonian Churches to be heretical? What is the current, official position of the Catholic Church on the non-Chalcedonian Churches?

    This is for updating our articles on Wikipedia. Thank you.
    Samantha Brown
    Dear Pope Francis,

    My name is Samantha Brown and I have been a devoted catholic since I was baptized when I was an infant. My fiance recently asked me to marry him and I began planning for the sacrament of marriage. However, I have been met with a great deal of road blocks from the cleveland diocese. They past a set of doctrines within the diocese that have several rules I do not understand. I grew up attending catholic school from preschool to graduate level college and I always was under the understanding that with the sacraments and liturgical holidays we light a candle to symbolize the welcoming and affirmation of Christ's light in our lives. However, my diocese has banned the unity candle from being able to be lit during the wedding, which to me symbolized the joining of Christ's light in two lives becoming one. Why did this change? And why do we not wish to show the light of Christ entering the marriage? My other question is if both the bride and groom are catholic why are we not ability to hold a full catholic mass with communion. My diocese stated that if 40 to 50% of the people coming are not catholic than they do not allow the full mass, but the sacrament is to commit ourselves in the presence of God to one another, expressing our faith and the welcoming of Christ into our married life in front of the congregation and our family and friends. Why have we begun to hide our faith from those who do not believe? Jesus died on the cross to save us and to afford us the opportunity to express our faith openly to others in hope that through the word of God they may find Christ's love and light in our lives. Why are we preventing from sharing our faith from others? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Samantha Brown
    sylvia adoe
    Pope Francis, When do you plan to follow the command of Heaven and our Most Blessed Mother's request, and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
    Don't you think a command from God is a little more important than global warming!
    And wouldn't you agree that man was not made for the planet. The planet was made for man.
    Man was made for God!
    Marlene Miamoto
    Papa, sua benção
    Porque a Igreja Católica exige que crianças com mais de 7 anos não podem ser batizadas a não ser que façam a catequese? Minha filha está com 9 anos e gostaria muito de ser batizada. Ela não quer ser batizada junto com a primeira comunhão. Ela vai fazer catequese no próximo ano. Estuda em colégio de freira. Será que o Sr. poderia mudar essa regra?
    Every year when Halloween gets closer,I feel so frustrated at how it is becoming so popular in the U.S.,and how so many have been blinded by Satan into participating and thinking they aren't sinning. I published a YouTube video to try and communicate the truth ( but what more can I do? I could use some encouragement.
    What can I do?
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