Imagine being in front of Pope Francis.
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He will answer in a book that will be published in the next months.

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    Christopher Nowak
    Why is the Old Testament different from the original Hebrew text? I mean it is still morally similar but important terms are missing and/or added that may have caused confusion. I mean it's not a big deal but I am just asking why.
    Rose Wolfgram
    My friend says that in order for me to go to Heaven, I have to be someone I'm not, someone who's straight. Is this true? God loves me no matter who I marry, right?
    Tina Vo
    Hello! Pope Francesco, are strippers sinners?
    Rosita Jovel
    Buenas noches tengo una pregunta yo estoy en la Renovacion carismatica Catolica pero ellos no quieren que usemos pantalones y lo dicen a cada rato es pecado usarlos pueden ellos mandar en esa forma a los demas .
    Gracias por su respueata.
    Logan Christopher
    Father, is it really true that homosexuals that are both in a relationship a one way ticket to hell?
    Peng Tiong
    Can Jesus perform exorcisms, or is that only for Catholics? Can an exception be made for him?
    Thomas Vincent
    The Koran teaches deceit and murder, and too many of its followers either commit crimes against humanity, or tacitly accept those who do so in the name of Allah, by allowing their places of worship to become hotbeds of terror, and being too cowardly to do or say anything about it. Am I supposed to welcome those people into my heart? I'm not sure WWJD here...
    Fady Habib
    I've had a question for years and I couldn't find an answer to it, a question about the Catholic teachings and followers. In Western communities like USA, Italy and Spain, I've seen Catholics everywhere proud of their belief, always making the cross sign on their chest and posting about God and Jesus on social media. But I also found them not reluctant engaging in any sexual behavior prior to marriage (like everyone else in Western communities). They don't feel any wrongdoing by engaging in fornication or casual sex even though it's clear in the bible that people with sexual immorality will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Chastity is rare among people in Western communities including Catholics. I always ask myself this question: Is this hypocrisy or has the Catholic church failed to deliver the teachings of the bible clearly and condemn the sin?
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